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Southeast Texas Animal Emergency Clinic is an emergency facility owned and operated by local veterinarians.  Our mission is to provide optimal veterinary care while emanating compassion, virtue and responsibility to our clients and patients.  We do not perform routine or preventative medical procedures. However, we are here as an extension of your family veterinarian's practice to help after-hours in those unexpected times when your fur-legged friend becomes injured, ill or ingested a toxic material. 


Our team of emergency doctors and veterinary technicians focus on evaluating your pet’s condition quickly so that appropriate treatment can begin.  From minor infections to life-threatening trauma, the Southeast Texas Animal Emergency team evaluates, diagnoses and treats a range of medical problems, including those that may require surgical procedures, oxygen supplementation or blood transfusions. 

Experienced Veterinarians

The Southeast Texas Animal Emergency Clinic was founded by local veterinarians as a way of providing quality medical care in the event of an after-hours crisis.  The following are participating veterinarians who are affiliated with the Southeast Texas Animal Emergency Clinic.  

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