SETAEC Services


Southeast Texas Animal Emergency Clinic provides optimal critical care which includes:  in-house laboratory procedures, digital radiology, surgical procedures, oxygen supplementation, transfusion therapy, and hospitalization.  The majority of patients consist of dogs and cats; however, when appropriate staff members are on duty, some exotic pets may be seen.  Please call our office prior to bringing in your exotic pet!

In-House Laboratory Procedures 

This includes on-site blood work such as white and red blood cell count, electrolytes, kidney or liver panel, parvovirus testing, ethylene glycol testing, urinalysis and heartworm testing.

Digital Radiography 

With digital radiography, x-rays may be taken and viewed within seconds. Prior to being discharged, your patient's x-rays will be placed on a CD for you and your primary veterinarian's viewing.  


Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool which provides a veterinarian a glimpse into the patient's abdomen or thorax for a more in-depth view of the liver, spleen, intestinal tract and more.  In an emergency setting, an ultrasound can be used to identify life-threatening conditions (such as intra-abdominal hemorrhage).

Oxygen Therapy

For the patient in respiratory distress, oxygen therapy may be provided to optimize oxygen capacity and delivery.   Oxygen cages are available for patients who may require oxygen supplementation.


Emergency surgical services are available for lacerations, abdominal exploratory, c-sections and more.  Routine non-emergent surgeries are not performed at the Emergency Clinic.